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UCC Filings - Important Notice


In preparation for launching the Online UCC system the following requirements are effective for all UCC transactions received in paper form in the Secretary of State’s Office after April 7, 2011:

Failure to follow all instructions may result in the rejection of your filing.

1.     You must type or laser print this form.

2.      You must use the current forms made available through our website.

3.      Individual payment must accompany each filing.  We are not able to use one check for multiple filings.

4.      To receive an acknowledgment* of your filing you must complete the “Send Acknowledgment To” section on the filing form.

            and either:

a. For email acknowledgment: Submit a completed “Filing Submission” form with each document listing your email address,


b. For mailed acknowledgment: Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

* An acknowledgment of your filing is not a copy of your filing.  Customers may request a copy of a filing by using the UCC-11 form or by performing a search through the online system.  All online filers will receive an email acknowledgment copy of their actual filing.

5.      Send completed documents with the filing submission form and all applicable fees to:
               SC Secretary of State’s Office -UCC Division
               1205 Pendleton Street, Suite 525
               Columbia, SC  29201
Please fill in the form very carefully; mistakes may have important legal consequences. If you have questions, consult your attorney. The filing office cannot give legal advice.  Do not insert anything in the open space in the upper portion of this form; it is reserved for filing office use.  Please do not put your Social Security number on the form - UCC filings are public records