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South Carolina Secretary of State Mark Hammond Announces Scrooges and Angels for 2012

(Columbia, SC) – South Carolina Secretary of State Mark Hammond announced today the 17th annual Scrooges and Angels for 2012.  The ten Angels were recognized at a press conference and honored with a reception in the Secretary of State’s Office following the announcement.

The Angels honored represent organizations that exemplify charitable giving in South Carolina.  Representatives from all organizations were in attendance to receive a plaque and recognition from Secretary Hammond. The Angels recognized, with the percentage of their expenditures that went toward their program services, are listed below.  Those recognized are listed in alphabetical order, and are not ranked by the Secretary of State.

America’s VetDogs - the Veterans’s K-9 Corps, Inc., Smithtown, NY    80.2%
Deep Well Project, Hilton Head Island, SC    91.6%
Early Learning Partnership of York County, Rock Hill, SC    81.4%
East Cooper Community Outreach (ECCO), Mount Pleasant, SC    85.4%
Habitat for Humanity of North Augusta, North Augusta, SC    96.7%
Humane Society of McCormick County, McCormick, SC    95.1%
Nurturing Center, Inc., Columbia, SC    83%
Rosa Clark Medical Clinic Association, Inc., Seneca, SC    99.1%
Samaritan House of Orangeburg, Inc., Orangeburg, SC    84.3%
South Carolina Hunters and Landowners for the Hungry, Spartanburg, SC    91.2%
The Angels were selected by review of financial reports submitted annually to the Secretary of State’s Office, as well as by nominations from the public.  To be selected as an Angel, the charity must have devoted 80 percent or more of its total expenditures to charitable programs; the charity must have been in existence for three or more years; the charity must make good use of volunteer services; the charity must receive minimal funding from grants; and the charity must be registered with the Secretary of State to solicit funds in the state of South Carolina.  Each year the Secretary of State’s Office attempts to showcase Angels with diverse missions, from across South Carolina and outside the state.

The designation of Scrooge is based upon a charitable organization’s failure to spend a high percentage of its collections on charitable programs.  The charities designated as this year’s Scrooges are listed below, along with the percentage of expenditures used for program services.  Those recognized are listed in alphabetical order, and are not ranked by the Secretary of State.

American Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc., Baltimore, MD    37.5%
Defeat Diabetes Foundation, Inc., Madeira Beach, FL    11.8%
Firefighters Support Services, Incorporated, Wyandotte, MI    21%
Fraternal Order of Police Tri-County Lodge #3, Hanahan, SC    4.1%
Fraternal Order of Police York County Lodge #15, Rock Hill, SC    9.2%
Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation, Inc., Annandale, VA    36%
Missional Advancement Project, Inc., Aiken, SC    6.4%
Operation Lookout National Center For Missing Youth, Everett, WA    9.9%
United States Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, Inc., Ashburn, VA    14.8%
Veterans Support Foundation, Silver Spring, MD    24.6%

The following criteria were considered in selecting Scrooges:  the charity had devoted 40 percent or less of its total expenditures to charitable programs; the charity had spent a significant amount of revenue on fundraising expenses; and the charity had registered with the Secretary of State to solicit funds in the state of South Carolina.
Secretary Hammond issued the following statement: “As Secretary of State, I have the duty of enforcing the Solicitation of Charitable Funds Act, and of protecting the public against “Scrooge” organizations that want to take advantage of our giving spirit. Charitable solicitations across the state have increased in the last four years because more and more people are in need of assistance.  Times are still tough in South Carolina, but our residents continue to be some of the most generous people in the nation and always answer the call when it comes to defending and helping the less fortunate.  However, there are those who would take advantage of our generosity.  So I ask that you check out any organization before you contribute your hard-earned money.” 
Charitable donors may research organizations registered in South Carolina by visiting the Secretary of State’s website at  To review an organization, select the Charity Search button to learn a charity’s total revenue, program expenses, total expenses, net assets, and fundraiser costs.  The website even calculates the percentage of total expenses that the charity has devoted to its program services. You can also call our Division of Public Charities at 1-888-CHARITI (242-7484) for more information.


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