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The Division of Public Charities regulates charitable organizations and professional fundraisers pursuant to the “Solicitation of Charitable Funds Act.” There are approximately 8,000 charitable organizations and 1,500 professional fundraisers registered with the Division.

The Division oversees the annual registration and financial reporting requirements for charitable organizations. Every charitable organization subject to the “Solicitation of Charitable Funds Act” must file an annual registration with the Secretary of State’s Office within 4 ˝ months of the close of their fiscal year. Additionally, every registered charitable organization must file an annual financial report with the Division of Public Charities within 4 ˝ months of the close of their fiscal year. The financial report may be submitted on the Secretary of State’s Annual Financial Report Form or on the IRS Form 990. For more information on charitable organizations, please visit the Public Charities Information page.

The Division also oversees the annual registration of professional fundraisers. Professional fundraisers include solicitors, fundraising counsels and commercial co-venturers. In addition to registration, there are other filing requirements that are specific to each type of professional fundraiser. For more information on professional fundraisers, please visit the Professional Fundraisers and Solicitors page.

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To obtain the forms for Charitable Organizations, follow the link below:
Charitable Organization Forms
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