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The South Carolina Secretary of State's Office registers trademarks and service marks for use within the State of South Carolina. A trademark or service mark may be registered with the Office of the Secretary of State provided the mark meets the statutory requirements for registration. Registration of a mark may be renewed every five years.

A mark must be in use prior to application for trademark or service mark registration.  Please note that registration of a mark with the Secretary of State’s Office is only for the State of South Carolina. If you would like to apply to register your mark federally or apply for a patent, please visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website at  If you would like to apply for a copyright, please visit the United States Copyright Office’s website at

Please read carefully all instructions and information in the Trademark/Service Mark Application packet. If you need assistance completing your application, you will need to consult a private attorney.  The Trademarks Division cannot provide legal advice to customers.

Application fees submitted to the Secretary of State’s Office with a trademark or service mark application are not refundable, as provided under S.C. Code §39-15-1185.
Upon the filing of a trademark or service mark application and payment of the application fee, the Trademarks Division will examine the application.  If the Trademarks Division determines that the mark is not entitled to registration, the Trademarks Division will notify the applicant of the reason why the application was denied.  The applicant will then have fifteen (15) days to amend and resubmit the application. If the applicant fails to amend and resubmit the application within fifteen (15) days, then the application will be deemed abandoned and the application fee forfeited.  Any subsequent application must be accompanied by a separate application fee.

Click here for the Trademark/Service Mark Application
(This form is also used to renew trademarks and service marks) 
Click here for the Trademark/Service Mark Assignment Application
(This form is used to change the ownership of a registered mark from one person/entity to another) 
To view a list of trademarks and service marks currently registered with the South Carolina Secretary of State’s Office, click here
To read the statute governing Trademarks:
Trademarks and Service Marks (S.C. Code Ann. §39-15-10 et seq.)

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ALERT! Please be advised that scam emails are being distributed using the Secretary of State's name and other official state agency names in the email text in an attempt to legitimize their scheme. The Secretary of State does not endorse any specific fundraising operations and cautions you to GIVE FROM THE HEART, BUT PLEASE GIVE SMART. Please use the online Charitable Complaint form to report any possible scams.