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Uniform Commercial Code

Filing Submission Form - Email Response Requested
This form when included with a one of the below forms is used to request a return acknowledgement via email for any UCC filed at the Secretary of State.

In Lieu of Continuation 

This form should be used to continue a financing statement that was previously filed at a county office rather than at the Secretary of State's Office.

UCC-1 Financing Statement

This form is used to file the initial security interest. The filing is good for five years. The security interest can be continued for five more years by filing a UCC-3. Click on UCC-1 Addendum if you also need this form.

UCC-11 Search

This form should be submitted to the Secretary of State to have the Secretary of State perform a search on a debtor or secured party's name. If you are requesting copies, additional copy fees will apply.

UCC-3 Amendment

This form is used to continue a security interest that is going to lapse at the end of a five-year period. The UCC-3 can be filed within six months before the expiration of the five-year period. If a UCC-3 is not filed before the end of the five-year period, the financing statement lapses and the security interest becomes unperfected. A UCC-3 cannot be filed after the lapse date. A UCC-3 can also be used to make an amendment to a previously filed UCC-1, terminate a UCC-1 or make a full or partial assignment of the security interest. Click on UCC-3 Addendum if you also need this form.

UCC-5 Statement of Claim

This form may be used to show how a filing was inaccurate or to show that a document was wrongfully filed.