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South Carolinians Count

United States Census 2020

Since 1790, the United States has attempted to count each of its residents through the Census, which is mandated by the United States Constitution to be conducted every 10 years. South Carolina Secretary of State Mark Hammond encourages all South Carolinians to participate in the upcoming Census. Beginning in March 2020, households will receive a letter from the U.S. Census Bureau with information on how to complete an online survey. Getting an accurate count of all South Carolinians will entitle South Carolina to our fair share of federal funds needed for schools, road and transportation infrastructure, libraries, police and fire protection, and our voice in Washington, DC. For example, the 2010 Census unveiled the need for a ninth congressional district due to the growth in our state. 

Participation in the 2020 Census will be easier than ever. For the first time, South Carolinians can be counted via the Internet, telephone or paper survey. For those needing help or Internet access, simply visit your local library.

Secretary Hammond joins Governor Henry McMaster and other state agencies in the “Complete Count Committee” urging all South Carolinians to stand up and be counted. 

Governor McMaster has issued an Executive Order establishing South Carolina’s Complete Count Committee.