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Livestock Brands and Earmarks

A livestock brand or earmark can be registered with the Office of the Secretary of State provided it meets the requirements for registration outlined in S.C. Code of Laws Title 47, Chapter 9. The registration of a livestock brand or earmark does not expire.

To register a brand or earmark, an applicant must submit the Application for Registration of a Livestock Brand or Earmark (PDF) along with the $3.00 application fee. Upon registration of a livestock brand or earmark, the Secretary of State issues a certificate of registration to the owner of the brand or earmark. The owner must record the certificate of registration with the clerk of court in every county where he or she has livestock. No one person may have, use, or register more than one brand.

The South Carolina Secretary of State's Office provides a list of livestock brands and earmarks (PDF) currently registered with the South Carolina Secretary of State's Office for the public.

Please note that registration of a brand or earmark with the Secretary of State’s Office is only for the State of South Carolina.