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Employment Agencies

Employment agencies, or private personnel placement services, are governed by the Private Personnel Placement Services Act found in S.C. Code of Laws Title 41, Chapter 25.

All employment agencies must obtain a license from the Secretary of State. Licenses are renewable every two years by December 31st. Individual license applications must be made for each separate location.

To make an initial application for a license, employment agencies must:

  1. Submit a signed and notarized Initial Application for License to Operate an Employment Agency (PDF).
  2. Submit verification of an announcement of public notice in the newspaper with the largest circulation in the county. The notice must contain the information required in the application.
  3. Submit certification by a licensed member of the South Carolina Bar verifying that all requirements of the laws of this state have been met.
  4. Verify a $3,000 surety bond.
  5. Enclose the one-time application fee of $200 and a licensing fee of $100.

To renew a license, employment agencies must:

  1. Submit an Employment Agency License Renewal (PDF).
  2. Enclose the licensing fee of $100.
  3. Licenses must be renewed every two years. Renewal Applications are due by December 31st.